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NVIDIA GTC 2016 Recap: Are You Ready For Cars With Artificial Intelligence?

Did you hear about the new autonomous car that NVIDIA is developing? Did you watch the NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2016 live stream? If you haven’t, here’s the recap of the things that happened, according to the official NVIDIA blog.

Many scientists and analyst in the computer world flocked the venue at the San Jose Convention Center in California. A lot of the people that went were users of the NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). There were also a lot of media and industry analysts that came to the event.
Even people from different universities came to check out what Nvidia has in store for the year 2016. the y announced their new software developers kit (SDK) called NVIDIA SDK that offers NVIDIA Gameworks and NVIDIA Designworks. CUDA 8 was revealed with its latest updates on what it can do. They actually talked about a lot of the new things even a supercomputer and creating a better virtual reality images! However, let’s focus on the new autonomous car and what it can do!
The next GPU they have improved on is the NVIDIA Jetpack that was designed to be used for “autonomous machines like robots and drones.” However, can you imagine cars with artificial intelligence? Isn’t that something of the future for us still? NVIDIA wants to make it possible. They have designed an autonomous car and built a computer for the car called NVIDIA PX. The car has the “world’s first Deep Learning-powered car computing platform.” It offers advanced driver assistance (ADAS), autonomous driving, mapping and many other features. They made this so that the “cars and streets could be safer” while changing the way cities are designed. It can apparently detect anything from the back to the front to the sides. How about underneath? Apparently, it can even detect everything around you while only being as big a bar of Hershey’s chocolate. It can also process “180 frames per second.” This is amazing! According to Gizmodo, the car uses the Drive PX 2 and will apparently be compete in the Formula E season 2016-2017. They will have a new event that will be called ROBORACE.
Are you interested in having your own autonomous car? Will you watch the Formula E and watch this autonomous car compete with other similar cars?
Let us know of your comments by sounding off below!

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