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Volvo Self-Driving Car To Be Released Soon? What We Know So Far

There have been a lot of news regarding self-driving cars. However, they are only in the testing phase and not a lot of news are heard about them once they are released. Similar to NVIDIA’s GPU Tech Conference (GTC) back in March. Furthermore, Google is apparently partnering up with Fiat Chrysler to improve their self-driving car. However, did you know that Volvo is also creating their own self-driving car?

In just four years, you could own a self-driving, according to Volvo via Tech Insider. The company has released a statement that their technology is more advanced compared to other makers in the automobile industry. Apparently, their self-driving technology wouldn’t be needing any human supervision and designed to deal with any situation.

Compared to other self-driving cars being made, there are automakers that have made semi-autonomous cars. NVIDIA’s and Google’s visions for creating self-driving cars are to make the “cars and streets safer”. While there have been no new insights on NVIDIA’s autonomous car, it was mentioned during the GTC that their autonomous car would be competing in the first Formula E 2016-2017. Google, on the other hand, has already tested their self-driving cars out on the road.

Although it seems that Volvo has another agenda, as an interview with Senior Technical Leader for Safety and Driver Support Technologies Erik Coelingh mentions that the technology Volvo is creating will not be semi-autonomous. It will not require human intervention and will drive itself while the user can do other things in the car, which other makers have not been able to promise.

In the interview with the Tech Insider, Coelingh said, “The thing that is unique is that we are really trying to deploy the technology in reality. And when I say that, I mean self-driving cars that allow drivers to do something else behind the steering wheel.”

Tech Insider compared Volvo’s future car with Tesla’s Autopilot. With Tesla’s Autopilot, it features the car to be able to drive autonomously on a highway with clear markings. However, the driver of the car still needs to pay attention to the road just in case there is an instance a situation arises that “the car will not know how to handle.”

To further improve Volvo’s goal, they are launching the DriveMe program in Gothenburg, Sweden, London, and in selected cities in China next year. According to Tech Insider, the program with be getting 100 normal customers to be behind the wheel of Volvo’s self-driving cars. Data will be collected to look for improvements in successfully creating a fully autonomous, self-driving car.

What do you think about this? Do you think it’s possible to have this kind of technology out by 2020? How would other automobile makers respond to this when they’re focusing on semi-autonomous cars?

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